PlusLife Commercial Chiller

Chills down to 3°C
Suitable for Gyms, Wellness Centres and Clubs.
Commercial grade UV and particle filtration.
iOS & Android App to Set Temperature.
Connects to PlusLife Ice Bath, XL and Portable.

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  • Commercial Chiller Dimensions: 49cm (W) x 55cm (D) x 51cm (H)
  • Lowest Temperature: 3°C

How to set PlusLife Ice Bath's temperature?
Download and use our dedicated Android or iOS app to set its temperature.

Energy efficient

Chills to 3°C

UV light filtration

Super filtration

Adjust temperature or schedule timer on your Smartphone

Set your favourite Ice Bath temperature remotely with Australia’s first Smartphone integrated Ice Bath.Looking to experience different temperatures throughout the day or have a friend join at a different time? Our app allows you to set a chilling schedule so adjust the level of your Ice Bath intensity.

Health Benefits of Ice Baths & Cold Exposure

Benefits of Ice Baths backed by evidence.

Endurance and Resilience

There’s nothing quite like the shock of an ice bath. Your body is resisting, your mind is telling you no but once you take the plunge you will be rewarded! You are taking control and showing your mind and body who is in the driver's seat.

Physical Recovery

Research has proven that Ice baths reduce inflammation, recovery time and muscle soreness that comes from all forms of physical activity.

Mental Health

Cold exposure connects you to your breath and body. Once you are over the initial physical resistance of the ice bath, PlusLifers report a calming state where they can get into “the zone”. Cold Plunging also assists in providing a natural release of endorphins resulting in an uplifted mood that they bring with them throughout the day.

Health and Wellness

Ice Baths have been scientifically proven to improve your immune system, performance, and general wellbeing. Cold exposure stimulates your body to increase its energy and boosts your metabolism for weight loss.

Discipline and Consistency

An underrated benefit is Cold plunging develops grit within you, knowing that you can drown out that inner voice that is trying to talk you out of doing what you know is good for you. The PlusLife Ice Bath helps you form a powerful daily habit that you can bring with you throughout the day.

Sleep Management

When your body is exposed to extreme cold response it triggers a quick melatonin release. Shocking your system with an ice bath and experience a new level of deep sleep like never before.