About us

During the middle of lockdowns, whilst gyms were closed and outside activity was limited, there was only so many things you could do to keep yourself from getting cabin fever if you were locked inside all day.

Ice Baths were one of the biggest saviours for us, they allowed us to keep our mental and physical game strong and give us a more positive outlook on the situation at hand.

Catarina, Steve and James found that it was a huge waste of time and money to have to constantly go out to buy bags of ice every time they wanted to have an ice bath.

There had to be a better way to incorporate ice baths as part of a health routine, especially if you wanted to use one daily.

After exploring options available around Australia, we realised they were either too expensive, visually unappealing or impractical to set up in most houses.

From this, the idea for a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing Ice Bath was born, the PlusLife Ice Bath. Over the course of several months our initial prototype was refined and perfected.

Since then, PlusLife has iterated through several improvements to increase the Ice Baths energy efficiency and chilling power.

We are committed to providing Australia and New Zealand with a cost-effective way to incorporate Ice Baths into their daily health routines and to reap all the incredible benefits that they have to offer.

Steve, Catarina and James

PlusLife Health